Joseph Paintsil releases his debut single



Published on February 8, 2024

Joseph Paintsil, a Genk winger and Black Stars footballer, has exposed his hidden musical potential with the publication of the compelling Valentine’s Day song ‘Without You.’ As if his football skills weren’t great enough, Paintsil is about to demonstrate that they extend beyond the pitch with this lovely single.

The 26-year-old, who boasts an impressive record of nine goals and five assists this season, is not just about goals and assists on the football front. ‘Without You’ is his latest venture into the world of music, showcasing a different side of Paintsil’s artistic expression. Fans can anticipate a melody that resonates with the romantic vibes of Valentine’s Day.

Joseph Paintsil

What adds an extra layer of excitement to this musical revelation is the upcoming premiere of the song’s video on February 13. Paintsil seems to be teasing fans with a visual spectacle to accompany his soulful Valentine’s Day anthem, promising an experience that goes beyond just the audio.

Joseph Paintsil

This isn’t the first time Joseph Paintsil has dabbled in the music scene. In 2023, he featured on the song ‘Unbreakable,’ hinting at a budding dual career in both football and music. The Ghanaian talent is not just confined to one arena; he’s embracing the fusion of his passions.

A teaser of the music video was shared by renowned content creator Kwadwo Sheldon on his YouTube channel, Kwadwo Sheldon Studio. This collaboration suggests that ‘Without You’ is generating buzz even beyond the world of sports and music.

Paintsil has previously expressed his desire to delve into music full-time once he concludes his professional football career. ‘Without You’ serves as a sneak peek into the musical journey that the Genk winger envisions for his future.

Fans eagerly await the Valentine’s Day release of ‘Without You’ and the accompanying music video by Joseph Paintsil.

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