Scrush a Jamaican music powerhouse

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Gati Jesse

Published on February 7, 2024

Scrush, born Rushelle Townsend on November 18th, 1988, has created a life story as eclectic and intriguing as her name. Raised by her parents, Rosie and Steven Townsend, this Jamaican dynamo has flawlessly integrated her passions for music, entrepreneurship, culinary arts, and community involvement into a captivating story worth exploring.

Rushelle navigated a unique educational journey, attending several schools, including Ensom City Basic School, Kingsway Prep School, and Holy Childhood High School. This diverse educational background contributes to her well-rounded, relatable, and adaptable nature.

It wasn’t until 2005, under the influence of her cousin Natalie (aka Bum/Sexy Hype), that Scrush’s passion for music found its nurturing ground. Introduced to the studio, she joined Natalie’s music team led by Smokey Hype, marking the beginning of her journey as an artist.


Beyond the mic, Rushelle has ventured into entrepreneurship as the CEO and head chef of “Scrush’s Kitchen Ja,” where she tantalizes taste buds. Additionally, she is the proprietor of “876 Camping N Stuff” and offers cosmetic services, showcasing her versatility.

Scrush’s Kitchen Ja

Her musical journey includes notable achievements, such as her track “Boom Bam” earning a place on SoundCloud’s rap caviar playlists. Invitations to perform at a Jamaican cultural festival for two consecutive years and features in the National Newspaper by journalist Krysta Anderson mark significant moments in her burgeoning career.

Despite limited promotional efforts, Rushelle‘s career has steadily progressed. She acknowledges the universe aligning her with the right people and plans to intensify promotional efforts in 2024 to elevate the SCRUSH brand.


Through ups and downs, Rushelle has evolved, shifting her circle and embracing opportunities on her own terms. Passionate about mentorship, she guides young teens and children while actively contributing to her community, earning recognition for her “outstanding contributions.”

Scrushelle, who is single and childless, welcomes life’s journey with a passion for yoga, a love of cannabis, and a strong connection to nature through camping and river swimming. She is a foodie at heart and enjoys both eating and occasionally producing delicious meals. Scrushelle’s path also included conquering a huge difficulty that impacted her physically, psychologically, and emotionally, which became an important element of her resilient story.

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