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Published on January 7, 2024

Thousands are fed on the streets of Accra by Kofi A.D Big E.B, Kwasi Beast, and The Location Accra Team

Accra witnessed an extraordinary event on January 6th, 2024, as the Location Accra Team, led by Kofi A.D, Ebony Heartart, and Kwasi Beast, extended a helping hand to the homeless and underserved communities across the city of Accra. They feed thousands of people on the streets.

This charitable project came to fruition at the busy Accra Mall when convoy loaded with necessities, including food, beverages, and water, left to improve the lives of the less fortunate.

With the assistance of police motor escort, the trip proceeded without hitch and made sure that much-needed supplies were distributed effectively.

Kofi A.D
Kofi A.D


The first destination on this compassion-filled journey was James Town, Bukom, where the acclaimed Ghanaian boxer, Bukom Banku, joined forces with the team to distribute food, drinks, and water.

Bukom Banku’s presence and support added a powerful touch to the initiative, with the boxer expressing gratitude for the team’s commendable efforts.

In a spontaneous act of kindness, Kofi A.D (Kofi Anim-Danso) generously contributed cash, further uplifting the spirits of the community.

Kofi A.D

The compassionate convoy then proceeded to Korle Bu, replicating the goodwill and sharing the gift of sustenance.

Each stop brought forth expressions of gratitude, but it was in Osu where the climax of the day unfolded.

The team delivered meal packs, cooling drinks, and bottles and sachets of water to children and their families, and the pure excitement 

and happiness on the faces of those impacted by this humanitarian act painted vivid image of the good impact it had on the community.

This endeavor not only provided much-needed nourishment, but it also served as beacon of hope, showering blessings and goodwill on Kofi Anim-Danso and the Location Accra Team.

As the event concluded, it left an indelible mark on the hearts of those who were fortunate to receive the team’s generosity.

A heartfelt salute is due to the generous sponsors and donors who made this initiative possible:


• i3 Beauty Haven

• GoldMaxx Security

• Salaga Street Treat

• Roaming Republic

• Xportex Ltd

Adat Water Services, Stoneview And Fruto Juice.                                 

Kudos to Kofi A.D, Ebony Heartart, Kwasi Beast, and the entire Location Accra Team for this remarkable initiative.

Their commitment to bringing joy and nourishment to thousands of children and families on the streets of Accra is a shining example of the positive change that can be achieved through community engagement.

We hope to see more motivational initiatives similar to this one in the upcoming year. Run It Back ! 


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