Kwaw Kese Vows Legal Battle Against Unlawful Arrest

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Gati Jesse

Published on February 28, 2024

Hiplife musician Kwaw Kese is set to embark on a legal battle against the Ghana Police Service. The musician claims his arrest in 2014 for alleged public marijuana smoking was unlawful and lacked evidence, and he is now seeking $1 million in compensation for the ordeal he endured.

Speaking passionately during an interview on Hitz FM, Kwaw Kese expressed his dissatisfaction with how the Ghana Police treated him during the arrest, insisting they had no grounds for the accusations. He asserted that he possesses evidence pointing to foreign nationals freely smoking in public with police protection, contrasting sharply with his own experience.

Kwaw Kese

There’s nothing to show to prove that I was smoking [in public]. I can show you proof of foreign nationals smoking in public with police protecting them with guns. Ghana Police did not treat me right, and these are some of the things I see, and I say that Ghana police service did not treat me right. I am requesting one million dollars from the Ghana Police for putting me through that. I will let my lawyers follow up with it,” he declared emphatically to host Andy Dosty.

Kwaw Kese believes that the treatment he received during his arrest was undeserved, particularly given his role as a musician who brings joy to his fans. The hip-hop artist was arrested in November 2014 for smoking cannabis, and the subsequent legal proceedings led to a day in jail and a fine of Gh¢1,200 imposed by High Court judge William Boampong in April 2015.

Kwaw Kese

Expressing his dismay, Kwaw Kese cited a contrasting incident during the Year of Return in 2020 when Jamaican musician Popcaan was seen publicly smoking what was suspected to be marijuana during his tour in Ghana. Kwaw Kese pointed out the lack of police action against Popcaan, emphasizing the disparity between how locals and foreigners are treated in such situations.

With his eyes set on justice, Kwaw Kese’s pursuit of a $1 million compensation from the Ghana Police signals a firm stand against what he perceives as unjust treatment and a call for accountability in the legal system.

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