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Published on October 17, 2023

A Multitalented Sensation on the Rise Liv North

Liv North is a brilliant star who was born in the City of Love, Paris, and has origins in Argentina and the bustling streets of New York City. Her journey has taken her on an astonishing route at only 25 years old, and her unique blend of talents and worldwide inspirations is laying the stage for a tremendous rise to prominence.

Liv North’s journey has been as diverse as her background. She’s spent nearly five years in Ghana, coming and going, immersing herself in the vibrant cultural tapestry of the West African nation. Her experiences there have undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping her music, adding an irresistible Afro-Pop flavor to her artistry.

Liv North doesn’t just fit into one artistic mold; she smashes them. As a trained dancer, her performances are a captivating fusion of music and movement, electrifying audiences every Friday night in Soho. What’s more, she’s not alone in this venture, as she fronts an all-female band that brings an extra dimension to her shows.

Liv North

Liv North’s artistry is best described as a fusion of genres. She has three singles to her name, “Mista Director,” “Odo,” and “Voodoo,” each offering a unique sonic journey. Yet, Liv doesn’t stop at original creations; she’s also taken on cover songs like “Kpalogo,” “Charm,” “My Level,” “This Year,” “Last Last,” “Nfa Me Ko Ho,” and many more, showcasing her versatility and love for music.

Liv’s journey is fueled by relentless dedication and hard work. She’s a perfectionist, with an impeccable ear and a natural gift for perfect pitch. This, combined with her unwavering passion, is what drives her to excel and achieve greatness.

Liv North’s linguistic prowess is equally impressive. She fluently speaks English, French, Spanish, and Italian, but her singing transcends borders. Her vocals grace the languages of Arabic, Twi, Ga, Hindi, Portuguese, and more, creating a mesmerizing tapestry of sounds that transcends linguistic barriers.

Collaborations and Features

In addition to her solo work, Liv North is no stranger to collaboration. She’s currently working on exciting features with major artists, promising more musical adventures in the near future.

Liv North

Model and Muse

Beyond the stage, Liv is a talented model who captivates audiences with her striking presence and poise. Her multifaceted talents extend into the world of fashion, where she continues to inspire and influence.

Acknowledgments and Gratitude

Every success story has a support system, and Liv North is no exception. She’s grateful for her dedicated band members, producers like Beat God, NiiQuaye, and collaborations with artists like Medikal and Kwa Kese. Her immense gratitude extends to her friends and supporters, especially a heartfelt thank you to Mister Yaw and her father in France, who have played pivotal roles in her journey. Also Shout out to Kin Dee for the love and support he was her first producer here.

Liv North’s journey reflects the global landscape of her upbringing, with roots in Cuba, experiences in Rome, New York City, the UK, and Switzerland. It’s a journey that has uniquely equipped her with the tools to break boundaries and create music that transcends cultures.

Liv North exemplifies the power of talent, dedication, and an unwavering pursuit of her artistic vision. She’s set to take the world by storm with her varied abilities and a sound that knows no boundaries. So keep your eyes and ears peeled for Liv North as she delivers her unique blend of music and skill to every corner of the globe.

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