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Published on October 18, 2023

EXERCISE BURNING ARROW 2023 was carried out by the Ghana Army’s Northern Command (N/COMD)

The Ghana Army’s Northern Command (N/COMD) has conducted EXERCISE BURNING ARROW 2023 (EX BURNING ARROW ’23) as part of efforts to strengthen capacity and increase troop efficiency.

The Command Level Exercise, held from Monday, October 9 to Tuesday, October 10, 2023, was designed to train the command’s troops and other security agencies in Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures relating to Internal Security (IS), Counter Insurgency (COINS), and Counter Terrorism (CT).

Northern Command

Northern Command

Furthermore, the exercise was designed to put the Ghana Armed Forces and other security services to the test in combined operations such as OPERATIONS CONQUERED FIST, CALM LIFE, and HALT II.

EX BURNING ARROW ’23 was held at various border areas in Ghana’s north to raise public awareness and sensitize them to the military presence, roles, and effectiveness of Northern Command in the face of acts of aggression by Terrorist Armed Groups (TAGs) and Violent Extremist (VE) groups in Ghana’s northern sector and territorial space.

Northern Command

Due to the recent increase in crime and other violent incidents, as well as terrorist operations along Ghana’s northern borders, it has become critical for Northern Command to train and test its troops’ ability to combat such threats.

Photographer: N/COMD PR DET

News Source: Peace Journal

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