Mabel Makun Announces Separation from Comedian AY

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Gati Jesse

Published on April 11, 2024

Mabel Makun, wife of renowned comedian Ayo Makun, often known as AY, has revealed that their marriage has ended. In a genuine and moving message, Mabel expressed her gratitude for the outpouring of support while underscoring her commitment to prioritizing their children’s well-being during this difficult period.

Mabel Makun

Mabel Makun

She wrote, “I want to express my sincere gratitude for the supportive messages that I have received from everyone.

“However, my silence should not be misunderstood and also, the father of my children, whom I have been with for some years, deserves a certain level of respect and privacy from me and all the concerned parties. “Most importantly, because of our children, whose mental health and general well-being should be prioritized.

“Many lies have been peddled against me and attacks orchestrated on the social media space but I will honour my kids with my silence and not address any of these lies.

“Although my dreams of a lifelong marriage have taken a different direction now, I’m committed to moving forward with grace and resilience. I have faith in a brighter future for both myself and the children. “Despite the rumours or opinions, I find comfort in the belief that all will be well.

“While it’s unexpected for things to end this way, I quietly ask for guidance from my faith as I step into this new chapter of life. Also, as we navigate this change, I ask for your help in creating an atmosphere of respect and understanding. This is a challenging period, and I ask for privacy and consideration as we (my ex-husband and I) find our own path forward.

“I wish him the very best in his journey as well.

God bless us all.”

Mabel Makun’s statement is a watershed moment in her life, as she bravely confronts the truth of her marriage and pursues a different path. Despite the unexpected turn of events, Mabel’s will to go forward with grace and perseverance shows through her words, casting a ray of hope for a better future.

Mabel Makun

In her statement, Mabel emphasizes the necessity of maintaining respect and privacy for both herself and AY, especially for the sake of their children. Mabel chooses to remain mute in the face of a torrent of social media conjecture and misinformation, preferring to protect her children from unnecessary anguish and prioritizing their mental health and overall well-being.

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