Reggie Rockstone Celebrates Birthday as Lydia Forson Ponders: “Do You Ever Age?”

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Gati Jesse

Published on April 11, 2024

Reggie Rockstone, also known as “the Godfather of Hiplife,” celebrates his birthday. As fans around the globe sent their well wishes, celebrated actress Lydia Forson took to Facebook to join the celebration, sparking intrigue with a question that’s on everyone’s mind: “Do you ever age?”

Reggie Rockstone

Reggie Rockstone, born Reginald Yaw Asante Ossei, is more than just a rapper; he’s a cultural icon whose influence can be felt throughout Ghana’s music scene.

Rockstone was a pioneer of the Hiplife art form, helping to shape and popularize this distinctly African genre.

His music, which combines Akan and English lyrics, appeals to a wide range of people, overcoming cultural differences and honoring Ghana’s spirit.

Throughout his remarkable career, Rockstone has received various accolades, including the prestigious Kora Award for best African video in 2004.

His energetic performances have enthralled crowds all around the world, with standout moments including sharing the stage with Shaggy in front of 50,000 people in Ghana. Collaborations with international performers such as Beenie Man cement Rockstone’s reputation as a true leader in the global music scene.

Reggie Rockstone’s influence goes beyond music. As the son of fashion designer Ricky “Ricci” Ossei, he personifies flair and innovation, seamlessly mixing fashion and music to create a distinct look.

His alma mater, Achimota School, provided the backdrop for his early years, during which he developed a passion for music and culture.

Rockstone began a new phase in his career in 2014, when he joined the famed Ghanaian hip hop group VVIP after Promzy had left. As a member of VVIP, Rockstone continues to push boundaries and develop Hiplife’s sound, confirming his status as an industry innovator.

Rockstone continues to defy expectations, demonstrating that age is simply a number. Rockstone’s contribution to the Ghanaian music landscape is incalculable.

Reggie Rockstone

Here’s to many more years of creativity, inspiration, and great music from the undisputed Godfather of Hiplife.

Happiest birthday, Reggie Rockstone.

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