OBO And 1Gad Lights Up Afrofuture 2023

Gati Jesse

Gati Jesse

Published on December 30, 2023

The Epic Stage Bromance of Davido and Stonebwoy Lights Up Afrofuture 2023

Nigerian megastar Davido, popularly known as OBO, and Ghanaian sensation Stonebwoy took the Afrofuture 2023 stage by storm, delivering a performance that left the audience electrified and clamoring for more.

During the Afrofuture 2023 Day Two set, Davido extended a heartwarming invitation to Stonebwoy, affectionately referred to as “1 Gad” in Ghana, to join him on stage. What unfolded was nothing short of a musical spectacle, as the dynamic duo unleashed their hit collaboration, “Activate,” sending shockwaves of excitement through the crowd.

Davido and Stonebwoy’s chemistry was tangible, sparking an undeniable bromance that crossed borders and bonded fans in a shared musical joy. These two powerhouses’ stage presence was nothing short of spellbinding, enthralling the audience from the first beat to the final note.

Afrofuture 2023


Fans and music lovers at the event couldn’t contain their joy, and social media platforms erupted with praise for the unforgettable performance. Tweets and posts flooded in, with fans expressing their awe at the seamless collaboration between Davido and Stonebwoy. Hashtags like #DavidoStonebwoyBromance and #AfrofutureMagic began trending globally, turning the duo’s performance into a viral sensation.

The Afrofuture 2023 Day Two set not only showcased the incredible musical talents of Davido and Stonebwoy but also underscored the power of collaboration and unity in the world of music. Fans, regardless of their nationalities, reveled in the celebration of African music excellence and the cross-cultural bond forged by these two musical titans.

As the echoes of “Activate” lingered in the air, it became evident that Davido and Stonebwoy’s bromance had reached new heights, leaving an indelible mark on Afrofuture 2023 and etching their names into the annals of music history. The infectious energy of their performance continues to reverberate through social media, reminding the world that when music brings hearts together, magic happens.


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