Hon. Samuel George Applauds Stonebwoy

Gati Jesse

Gati Jesse

Published on December 29, 2023

Hon. Samuel George Praises Stonebwoy’s Musical Mastery and Demands Recognition

The 5th Dimension BHIM Concert took place last Friday and left guests in amazement with its captivating display of musical genius, Hon. Samuel George was one of them.

He was ecstatic about the top-notch performances—especially with his main vocalist, Vera.

Amidst the electrifying beats and soul-stirring melodies, Hon. Samuel George took a moment to acknowledge the incredible impact of Stonebwoy on Ghanaian music. In a statement that has since sparked a social media frenzy, he emphasized that Stonebwoy is not just responsible for keeping the musical landscape vibrant but has gone above and beyond by supporting the National Sports Authority (NSA) in maintaining the greenery around.

Hon. Samuel George


Stonebwoy is not responsible for keeping the grass green; that’s why he paid the NSA for it,” George asserted, addressing critics who may underestimate the multifaceted contributions of the acclaimed musician.

The statement has become a hot topic on various social media platforms, with fans and enthusiasts lauding Stonebwoy for his dedication to both music and environmental stewardship. Social media critics are quick to share their thoughts on this unique perspective.

Hon. Samuel George’s words not only highlight the artistic prowess of Stonebwoy but also shed light on the broader impact musicians can have beyond the stage. The unexpected blend of music and environmental consciousness has struck a chord with the public, making it a conversation starter and a trending news item across social media.

As fans rally behind Stonebwoy, the discourse has evolved into a celebration of artists who contribute not only to the cultural vibrancy of their nations but also engage in meaningful initiatives.


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