Roselyn Felli one on One with Edem

Gati Jesse

Gati Jesse

Published on October 20, 2023

Exclusive Interview With Edem Unveiling the Vibrant Energy Behind ‘We Don’t Really Care’

Ghana’s multi-talented artist Edem recently graced the screens with a captivating one-on-one interview on Joy Prime’s Morning Show, hosted by the talented Roselyn Felli. The discussion revolved around Edem’s latest single, “We Don’t Really Care,” which has taken the music scene by storm and resonated with listeners all over.

“Why ‘We Don’t Really Care’? What inspired this title?” Felli inquired, kicking off the conversation. Edem responded with unwavering enthusiasm, stating, It embodies the energy I’m channeling in my life right now, an energy we all need.” He eloquently explained that he’s at a point in his life where he prioritizes his own happiness, surrounds himself with those who add value, and celebrates life to the fullest. “Since the release of this song, I’ve popped not less than 50 bottles of champagne,” Roselyn Felli exclaimed Eeeii.


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As the interview progressed, Edem shared his perspective on life, making it clear that he prefers embracing life’s pleasures over destructive habits like smoking. “I prefer sex to smoking; it’s a healthier way to unwind,” he affirmed. “When I’m tipsy, I can’t perform properly, and I’m not just looking to be successful; I want to be prosperous.”

Edem also unveiled exciting news about his upcoming concert, “Edemfest,” set to take place in the Volta region of Ghana.

Also the possibility of the Edemfest concert to be held in Accra, next year. He urged corporate Ghana to join hands and make this event a reality.

In a moment that truly showcased Edem’s compassion, he called upon corporate Ghana to support those affected by the Akosombo Dam spillage, highlighting his commitment to making a positive impact beyond music.

Shed light on an up and coming musician, he added he is a very good artist

When questioned about his response to potential Beef in the industry, his reply was equally straightforward. “I’d take a shot back if someone targeted me, but make it direct,” he asserted. Nobody is important for me to sing about, unless My late mother

He made it clear that family is off-limits in public discourse, as it’s a private matter, and he respects everyone’s right to handle their issues in their own way.

The interview with Roselyn Felli was not only informative but also deeply inspiring. With “We Don’t Really Care” setting the tone for this new chapter in his life, Mr versatile is poised to continue spreading positive energy and making a lasting impact on the world.

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