Telecel Ghana Music Awards Reinstates Amerado’s “Kwaku Ananse” in Most Popular Song of the Year Category

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Gati Jesse

Published on April 17, 2024

Telecel Ghana Music Awards (TGMA) board has announced the reinstatement of Amerado’s chart-topping hit, “Kwaku Ananse,” in the race for Most Popular Song of the Year. This decision comes after a thorough review period, during which errors and omissions in the nomination process were addressed and corrected, signaling a commitment to fairness and transparency within the music industry.

Initially nominated for Best Highlife Song (remix version), “Kwaku Ananse” faced an oversight in its categorization, as the original song’s immense popularity was recognized by the board. As a result, Amerado’s track is now a contender in both the Best Highlife Song and Most Popular Song of the Year categories, much to the delight of fans who rallied behind the rapper in support of his acclaimed work.

Telecel Ghana Music Awards

In addition to the reinstatement of “Kwaku Ananse,” the TGMA board addressed another notable correction involving the song “Lonely Road” by O’Kenneth & Xlim Kid. Initially submitted as a featured work, it is now rightfully recognized as a collaborative effort by both artists, highlighting the importance of accurate crediting within the music industry.

Robert Klah, representing the 25th TGMA Board, expressed gratitude to the music community for their active participation in the nomination review process. He underscored the board’s unwavering commitment to upholding fairness and transparency, acknowledging the invaluable contributions of stakeholders throughout the organization’s 25-year history.

Telecel Ghana Music Awards

The reinstatement of “Kwaku Ananse” comes on the heels of Ghanaian rapper Amerado’s public questioning of the Telecel Ghana Music Awards organizers for initially excluding the original version of the song from nominations. While remixes featuring Fameye and the track “The Hardest” received recognition, the original “Kwaku Ananse” was inexplicably overlooked, prompting widespread outcry and calls for accountability within the awards selection process.

With the correction of oversights and a renewed commitment to fairness, the Telecel Ghana Music Awards board reaffirms its dedication to celebrating the diverse voices and contributions of Ghana’s vibrant music industry.

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