Wendy Shay and Bullet Quash Beef, Reunite for a Stronger Collaboration

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Gati Jesse

Published on June 26, 2024

Renowned Ghanaian musician Wendy Shay has announced that she has resolved her differences with her label owner, Bullet, and they are now back to working together as a team. This revelation comes after Bullet, in a candid interview on UTV, admitted to their disagreements and took responsibility for the issues, publicly apologizing to the singer.

In an interview with DJ Slim, Wendy Shay confirmed the reconciliation with Bullet. She explained that their issues primarily stemmed from disagreements over a 360 Record Label Deal that Bullet wasn’t happy about.

Wendy Shay

The friction between them had caused significant tension, affecting their professional relationship.

The turning point came when respected elders within the community intervened to mediate the situation. Their involvement played a crucial role in quashing the beef and fostering a renewed sense of unity and collaboration between Wendy Shay and Bullet.

Wendy Shay expressed her gratitude for the intervention, emphasizing that their differences have been resolved and they are now focused on working together harmoniously.

“I had a problem with Bullet, but some elders came in and the issue has been quashed. I am now working with Bullet again,” Wendy Shay shared during her interview.

This statement highlights the positive outcome of their reconciliation and sets the stage for an exciting new chapter in their professional relationship.

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