Winnifred Ntumi wins Ghana’s first gold medal

Gati Jesse

Gati Jesse

Published on March 11, 2024

Ghana’s Winnifred Ntumi made sporting history by winning the country’s first gold medal at the 2023 All African Games. With the spotlight firmly on her, Ntumi won the women’s 45 kg snatch, demonstrating not just her weightlifting skill but also her steadfast commitment to perfection.

The 2023 All African Games, hosted in Ghana, witnessed a historic moment as Ntumi soared to victory, claiming the top spot in the women’s 45 kg snatch category. This remarkable achievement marks not only a personal triumph for the athlete but also a milestone for Ghana on the international sporting stage.

Ntumi’s stellar performance extends beyond her gold-winning feat; she also secured two silver medals in the same category, amassing a total of three medals at the games. The weightlifting sensation’s dominance has not only earned her individual acclaim but has significantly contributed to Ghana’s standing in the overall medal table.

Winnifred Ntumi

As of the latest standings, Ghana finds itself in the 10th position on the medal table, a testament to the collective efforts of its athletes. Impressively, four medals adorn Ghana’s name, with one coming from swimming and the remaining three from the exceptional prowess of Winnifred Ntumi in women’s weightlifting.

What makes Ntumi’s achievement even more remarkable is the déjà vu it carries. Coincidentally, she secured Ghana’s first three medals at the 2019 African Games in Rabat, establishing herself as a consistent force in the realm of international sports.

The 2023 All African Games have proven to be a stage where Ghana’s athletes shine, and Ntumi’s golden triumph exemplifies the nation’s commitment to sporting excellence. The weightlifting powerhouse’s journey from clinching Ghana’s first medals in 2019 to now adding gold to her collection symbolizes a continuous upward trajectory in her athletic career.

Winnifred Ntumi

Ghana’s sporting enthusiasts have reason to celebrate as their nation asserts its presence on the medal table. With Ntumi’s golden achievement and the combined success in swimming, Ghana stands proud as a formidable contender at the 2023 All African Games.

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