Zinedine Zidane Described Messi As Magic

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Gati Jesse

Published on November 13, 2023

Lionel Messi meets Zinedine Zidane during a career-spanning interview at Inter Miami, as the Real Madrid legend reveals Barcelona’s greatest star: ‘I wish we could play together

Lionel Messi and Zinedine Zidane recently engaged in a heart-to-heart conversation that left fans in awe and nostalgia. The duo, each hailed as a G.O.A.T (Greatest of All Time) in their own right, shared insights, regrets, and mutual admiration during a chat facilitated by adidas.

Zidane, who graced the Miami stadium in September alongside former Real Madrid teammate and Miami co-owner David Beckham, expressed a poignant ‘pity’ that fate never allowed him to share the pitch with Messi. In a moment of sincerity, he conveyed, ‘This is the moment for me to pass you the ball,’ highlighting the missed opportunity that could have set the football world ablaze.



The conversation, laden with genuine admiration, saw Zidane describing the encounter as magical. ‘Today is a very important day for me because I can tell him how much I admire him… I think it is magic, pure magic,’ he enthused, revealing the profound impact Messi has had on his footballing journey.

Messi, in turn, reciprocated the praise, reminiscing about his admiration for Zidane during the Frenchman’s tenure in Madrid. ‘I have always admired him and liked him a lot. I followed him a lot in Madrid. And he made me suffer a lot too because I was from Barcelona,’ Messi quipped, encapsulating the intense rivalry between Barcelona and Real Madrid.

The exchange of signed Argentina and France shirts further symbolized the respect and camaraderie between the two legends. Their paths may not have crossed on the field, but this unique meeting transcended the boundaries of club allegiances.

Reflecting on their respective careers, Zidane’s tenure with Los Blancos from 2001-06 and Messi’s illustrious 17-year spell with Barcelona, the conversation delved into their encounter in El Clasico back in 2005. Zidane, also a coach, frequently found himself on the opposite side of the touchline against Messi, adding another layer to their intertwined football narratives.

The conversation wasn’t limited to their achievements and regrets on the field; Messi shared his admiration for the late Diego Maradona, a childhood idol whose influence shaped the dreams of aspiring footballers. ‘During our whole lives, those of us who grew up playing football wanted to be like him,’ Messi expressed, emphasizing the profound impact Maradona had on the footballing fraternity.

Bringing the narrative back to the present, Messi opened up about his role as a father and how his sons, Thiago, Mateo, and Ciro, have already become fervent football enthusiasts. ‘My children love it. The three of them love it. They are passionate about football,’ Messi beamed, providing a glimpse into the next generation of football lovers in the Messi household.

In this exclusive encounter, Messi and Zidane didn’t just reminisce about what could have been on the field; they humanized football legends, unveiling the shared passion, respect, and legacy that transcends the boundaries of time and rivalry.


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