AfriExpo 2023 Organize By Guba Enterprise

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Published on July 5, 2023

AfriExpo 2023 Fostering Business and Trade Between the US and Africa

AfriExpo, organized by Guba Enterprise, Texas Africa Chamber of Commerce, and Permanent Technologies, is a groundbreaking trade and business summit aimed at bridging the gap between corporations, small businesses, industry experts, and organizations in the United States and Africa. The event serves as a platform to establish business partnerships, implement innovative ideas, and execute strategic business plans.

The primary objective of AfriExpo is to move beyond mere discussions about Africa’s economic potential and actively facilitate its realization through concrete business initiatives. By bringing together key stakeholders from various sectors, the event aims to foster business growth and promote economic development.


The inaugural edition of AfriExpo will take place in Houston, Texas, widely recognized as the energy capital of the world. This location provides an ideal setting to showcase the opportunities and potential for collaboration between US and African businesses, particularly in the energy sector. However, the scope of the summit extends well beyond energy, encompassing a wide range of industries.

The top five industries prominently represented at Afri Expo include:

Manufacturing: The manufacturing sector holds immense potential for job creation and economic diversification. AfriExpo seeks to promote investment and collaboration in manufacturing industries, including textiles, automotive, and consumer goods, to drive economic growth in Africa.


Energy: As mentioned earlier, Houston’s status as an energy hub makes it an ideal location to address the energy needs and potentials of Africa. The summit will facilitate conversations on renewable energy, infrastructure development, and fostering energy partnerships between the US and African companies.


Technology: With the rapid digital transformation sweeping across Africa, the technology sector holds immense potential for growth and innovation. The summit aims to connect technology companies from the US and Africa, fostering knowledge exchange and partnership opportunities.



Health: AfriExpo recognizes the importance of improving healthcare access and services in Africa. By bringing together healthcare providers, investors, and innovators, the summit aims to facilitate collaborations that can enhance healthcare infrastructure, medical research, and the delivery of quality care.


Agriculture: Agriculture remains a crucial sector for Africa’s economic growth. AfriExpo provides a platform for agricultural enterprises, agribusiness investors, and experts to explore opportunities for investment, knowledge sharing, and sustainable agricultural practices.

AfriExpo represents an important step towards fostering meaningful business connections, partnerships, and collaboration between the United States and Africa. By focusing on key industries and bringing together diverse stakeholders, the summit aims to move beyond conversations and drive tangible economic growth in Africa.

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