Cabo Verde Defeats Mozambique 3–0



Published on January 19, 2024

Cabo Verde Becomes The First Team To Qualify For  Round 16 of Afcon23

The Blue Sharks, the national football team of Cabo Verde, easily defeated Mozambique 3-0 in their Afcon23 encounter.

The electrifying clash unfolded with a first-half breakthrough when Bebe unleashed a thunderous shot from a long-range free-kick spot in the 32nd minute, leaving Mozambique’s goalkeeper grasping at thin air.

Cabo Verde

Despite Mozambique’s attempts at a comeback, their hopes were dashed when a penalty was disallowed by the vigilant Video Assistant Referee (VAR). Cabo Verde continued their relentless assault, with Mendes extending the lead with a clinical finish in the 51st minute. The coup de grâce came from Duarte in the 69th minute, sealing Mozambique’s fate and solidifying Cabo Verde’s triumphant path.

What makes this victory even sweeter is that Cabo Verde has become the first team to storm into the round of 16 stage, leaving fans exhilarated and opponents on notice. With a decisive win against Mozambique and a game to spare against the formidable Pharaohs of Egypt, Cabo Verde stands tall at the pinnacle of Group B, boasting a perfect 6-point record. The Blue Sharks have not only secured their spot in the next round but have done so in style, captivating fans worldwide with their relentless pursuit of glory in the Afcon tournament. As the footballing world watches in awe, Cabo Verde emerges as a force to be reckoned with, riding the crest of success in Afcon23.

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