Hajia4Real Sentenced to One Year and a Day in US Jail for Romance Scam

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Gati Jesse

Published on June 29, 2024

Ghanaian socialite and singer, Mona Faiz Montrage, better known as Hajia4Real.

In a case that has captivated audiences globally, Hajia4Real has been sentenced to one year and one day in jail in the United States for her involvement in a high-profile romance scam.

Hajia4Real’s legal troubles began on November 11, 2022, when she was arrested in the UK following her participation in the Ghana Music Awards UK. The arrest came as a shock to her fans and followers, who had seen her rise to fame through her music and vibrant social media presence. In May 2023, she was extradited to the US to face prosecution for her alleged involvement in a series of romance scams and other fraudulent activities amounting to over $2 million.


In February 2024, Hajia4Real pleaded guilty to the charges against her, which initially carried a potential five-year sentence. Throughout the proceedings, her legal team worked diligently to present her case, highlighting mitigating factors and her willingness to cooperate with authorities.

After more than a year of legal battles, Hajia4Real was sentenced on June 28, 2024. According to reports from Inner City Press, the prosecution had sought a 37-month sentence for the accused, citing the significant financial losses and emotional distress caused to the victims. However, the judge opted for leniency, acknowledging her cooperation and other factors.


“I sentence Ms. Montrage to one year and one day in prison, the extra day to allow for ‘good time,'” the judge declared. This additional day could potentially reduce her actual time served, depending on her behavior while incarcerated.

Despite the legal setbacks, there is hope that Hajia4Real can turn her life around and use her platform for positive change upon her release.

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