Juapong-Ho Culvert Collapse Strands Commuters, Disrupts Travel Routes

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Gati Jesse

Published on June 30, 2024

Commuters have been left stranded following the collapse of a crucial culvert connecting Juapong and Ho during a heavy downpour yesterday. The infrastructure failure has significantly disrupted travel, leaving no cars able to make the journey from Ho to Accra or vice versa via the Akosombo route.

The heavy rainfall that swept through the region yesterday caused severe flooding, which ultimately led to the collapse of the culvert. The damaged structure is a vital link for travelers and goods moving between these major cities. The sudden collapse has stranded numerous commuters and caused significant delays.


With the culvert down, travel between Ho and Accra via the Akosombo route has been completely halted. This has created a considerable bottleneck for both private and commercial vehicles, severely impacting transportation and logistics in the region.


Authorities are urging drivers to seek alternative routes to navigate around the disrupted area.

Drivers and travelers are being advised to take the following alternative routes:

From Ho to Accra: Use the Adidome – Sogakope route.

From Accra : Utilize the Asutsuare – Sogakope route.

Local authorities and transport services are working diligently to manage the increased traffic on these alternative routes, but delays are expected.

The collapse has raised concerns about the safety and resilience of infrastructure in the region, especially in light of changing weather patterns and increased rainfall.

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