Stonebwoy Breaks Silence on Absence from SallahFest

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Published on June 13, 2024

Stonebwoy has broken his silence over why he did not attend the SallahFest in Abeka on April 11, 2024. His absence from the show caused alarm among event fans and other music lovers.

In an exclusive interview on Hitz FM’s morning show hosted by Andy Dosty, Stonebwoy revealed the reasons behind his no-show, shedding light on the misunderstanding that led to his absence. According to Stonebwoy, he was initially under the impression that the event was a charity show that would not require promotion or fees for performers. “We disengaged because he [Baba Sadiq] went ahead to post the flyers when we were not supposed to be advertised. Internally, we were not supposed to be advertised for this event,” Stonebwoy explained.

Stonebwoy elaborated that there were specific arrangements in place for charity shows, which typically do not involve advertisements. “It was not a paid event. Even if it was, we have our modus operandi where we would say okay, these are charity shows that I really wanna do. I have label situations going on where we have different ways. So these are charity shows, basically free shows, so the plan was not to be advertised,” he noted.


However, the situation took a turn when Baba Sadiq went ahead and posted a flyer, which Stonebwoy claimed was incorrect and not agreed upon. “By the time they would even finish for me to hear it, Baba Sadiq had gone ahead to post a flyer. He even posted a wrong flyer. I don’t know what his plans were, which is confirmed, we have screenshots,” Stonebwoy added.

Compounding the issue was the subsequent announcement of Shatta Wale as a performer, which Stonebwoy’s team had not been comfortable with. Stonebwoy’s manager, Chief Abiola, had communicated these concerns to the organizers, but the inclusion of Shatta Wale ultimately led to the decision to withdraw from the event. “We couldn’t engage anymore and a few days later he goes ahead to advertise Shatta Wale. That is his event. It is normal. That is all that there was,”1 Gad said.

On the other side, Baba Sadiq shared his perspective on the situation in an interview with Joy FM’s Kwame Dadzie on Showbiz A-Z. He mentioned that multiple attempts were made to reach Stonebwoy and his team on the night of the event, but communication was unsuccessful. “In the last few days, I’ve had to speak to him personally and his manager, Chief,” Baba Sadiq revealed. He further explained that they had reached out even on the day of the event, hoping for a last-minute resolution.


Baba Sadiq acknowledged that there were concerns from Stonebwoy’s team regarding Shatta Wale’s inclusion in the lineup. “For example why after the event there wasn’t any communication regarding Shatta’s outburst. I think he makes the point that even on the day, on the night, they would have loved to come but they just were not comfortable with the inclusion of Shatta Wale,” Baba Sadiq explained.

Despite the controversy, the 11th edition of SallahFest proceeded successfully, featuring performances by Shatta Wale, Wendy Shay, DopeNation, Larruso, Olivetheboy, and King Promise. The event aimed to foster social cohesion among the Okaikoi Central constituents and celebrate the end of Ramadan. Baba Sadiq emphasized that the festival goes beyond entertainment, offering significant social and cultural benefits to the community.

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