Training Abeiku Jackson Pavel Kutashev says it’s not tough

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Gati Jesse

Published on March 12, 2024

According to Pavel Kutashev, conditioning Ghanaian swimmer Abeiku Jackson is easy because the 23-year-old is driven. He made this statement after guiding Jackson to Ghana’s first swimming medal at the 13th African Games, where he won silver in the men’s 50-meter freestyle.

In an interview, Kutashev discussed Jackson’s possibility of winning additional gold due to his talent and stated that teaching Jackson is not tough. “For me, being honest isn’t difficult. He is a good swimmer; he understands what he is doing; he realizes that he has ambitions; and he understands that the country relies on him (the swimmers). On Day One of the competition, Ghana missed out on a medal after Harry Stacey finished fourth in the 100-meter freestyle event, while the Mixed Relay Team also failed to reach the podium.

Abeiku Jackson

Swimming competitions resume with the Women’s 4×200 Metre Freestyle Relay Final and the Men’s 4×200 Metre Relay Final.

Jackson is set to swim in the 100-meter butterfly event.

Source: citisports

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